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News: 17 August / 06

Preliminary things are ahappenin. Yep.

News: 18 August / 06

Added much more, such as the background music and a few more pictures. Also added a counter. Hope people start checking this place out. Any suggestions anyone has on how to make this place more informative while keeping in mind I can only work with 4 links, contact me.


also corrected a few spelling mistakes.

News: 19 August / 06

Kronus adds more pictures, hoping people will enjoy the site more. Props for me! :p

Also adding more secrets to secret section, including a "Battle tips" section.

Possibly going to add some pages in html in the secrets section with other things, such as item lists and quizez. Might put the quizes in the Home page... Not really sure atm.

News: 25 August / 06

Haven't been on in a bit because of work and whatnot. Im also trying to find a good html layout to add character profiles, but the truth is that nothing beats a ready made layout like on this site, so that's somewhat delaying me adding new things for the moment. But I've added a few touch-ups to the review section, making it more interesting. Maybe when I get some peace and quiet I can add some heavy duty stuff.

News: 26 August / 06

Hey! I found a great layout to add more content to! So when its finished, ill link it to the HOME page, and there will be more to view! Congrats for me!

Added  link to profiles page, which I am working on.

News: 27 August / 06

It's done! The profile pages are done! wewt!

News: 9 September / 06

Added affiliates and changed the link button. Also added various hidden things. Hoping to get more traffic as this site hits a search engine or two.



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